Audio Performance window stays after closing projects

I have to close the Performance metre then the Cubase starting tab pops up so I can quit Cubase.
Why does Cubase say "cancel " instead of “quit Cubase” in the starting tab?

This was not happening recently.

Is it fair to assume you’re on Windows? (It really helps to mention the operating system, when posting these kinds of issues).

If yes, you may recall from the release notes and other Steinberg sources, that there’s been quite a lot of re-architecting of Cubase/Nuendo 13 to make them behave more like standard Windows applications.

On my system it seems, that when setting the Audio Performance window to “Always on top”, the “Quit Cubase” button becomes available in the Hub.

Of course, there’s also the option of quitting Cubase straight from a still open Project window.

Yes,I am sorry.
It Is Windows 11.

p.s. I think using Ctrl-Q (or using the File menu > Quit on the Hub still works even when when the button to Quit Cubase isn’t showing up?


This issue is known to us. We have made sure that the Quit Cubase button is always available within the hub in the upcoming minor update.


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