Audio Perfromance

Whenever i look at this the red bar has been triggered.
If i load a project it comes on and if i stop, start or move the cursor when a project is playing it comes on.
Also the hard disk indicator momentarily flashes across to the right hand side of the indicator.
I have 32 gigs of RAM so why is the hard disc indicator doing this ?
I’ve tried different sample rates etc and it’s always the same.

I would assume there is something interfering in the latency loop - install latency monitor and see if something spikes every now and then

it may also be power settings, it may be Bluetooth, wifi, a bios setting or other things like that. sounds like a classic hunt for the correct driver and settings dilemma

Thanks Glenn
I’ve ran Latencymon and disabled stuff but it’s still glitsching.

For the hdd indicator it’s quite normal that it will flash shortly when moving the Cubase cursor. Just because you have 32 GB of RAM, doesn’t mean Cubase will load all audio files into the RAM. Cubase still use disc streaming and only use the RAM to pre-buffer the audio afaik.

For the audio performance, I’m not sure but could be something with either ASIO guard or using very low latency or maybe a combination. The question is, does it produce any audio glitches during playback? If not, why bother?