Audio Permanent Dropout


I’m having a problem.

I bought a new laptop.
The other day recording a concert using 16 audio tracks i got into a serious plroblem.
The audio flow droped randomly. I got this in intervals from 3 hours to 10 minutes.
I would not hear any sound and cubase would record silence, wich he eventualy cut after stoping the recording.
Rebooting cubase solved the problem untill the next drop.
I pretty much screwed the concert recording as you can imagine.
I am pretty sad about this because it renders my entire recording system unusable.
With my old system this never happened, but saddly my computer died and i had to replace it. It was a reaaly cheap HP 530 laptop.

Ill descibe my system:

Window 7 Home 64
M-Audio Profire 2626 - 8 mic pre amps + 8 adat audio channels
Cubase 5.2

Thats it.
Recording the 16 tracks i was using more or less 5% of the CPU.
So i think this might be a driver or IRQ problem, but i dont know and i dont have the informatic knowledge to deal with this.
I tried to disconnect unused devices in my bios that could be conflicting with the audio flow, but Sony seams to have locked the bios controlls and i can only change the computer password and boot priority in the menu thay give me access to.


Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

Rui Antunes

Sorry i forgot to mention that im also using a EXPRESSCARD Firewire interface with texas instruments chipset.
Lindy 2 port Firewire