Audio pitch has gone up by one tone


For some reason, the HALion Sonic SE Instruments that I’ve been using in Dorico Pro 3 have suddenly gone sharp by one tone. I have to transpose the MIDI down -2 to get it to sound at normal pitch for all instruments. What might have gone wrong? Maybe some bizarre quirk of upgrading the MacOS Big Sur? I’m puzzled.


Check your sample rate. It’s probably set to 48000, and you want 44100 (in your case). Or it might be the other way around.

I second Dan. Something happened (opened another program that can also control the sound card?) to change your sample rate. It has the immediate effect of sounding transposed.

(Totally non-related issue, but I had a really trippy experience two days ago: I updated note performer on my home machine (I hadn’t done so a month ago since I rarely use NP at home; only at the office) and I had a woodwind quartet where for some reason the Oboe d’Amore sound would transpose itself but the other instruments would remain the same, so that one instrument played out of tune with the others. Very odd.)

That was it! Thanks a lot. I have no idea why that happened…