Audio Pitch up and down with one button

For example, I have a wav file of a single piano hit in C, in an audio track. If I select the sample, press + on my keyboard and it will be pitch-shifted to C#. Not time-stretched or transposed, but instantly resampled to a new file in C#. The length will be shorter as well. I the file it should show how often you have pressed + or -. Sony’s Acid Pro had this feature, and it is one of the only things I’m missing in Cubase. Of course cubase has pitch shift, and that function is nice as well, but workflow-wise my suggestion would be really handy for quick changes.

Further: One love to Cubase!

You can do already do this - using direct offline processing (F7), load the pitchshift plugin, set it to your desired amount (+1 in your case), choose your desired algorithm/time correction mode (in your case, none, for tape style pitchshifting), then drag that down into the DOP ‘favorites’ list. You can then assign that to whichever shortcut key you desire. You could also make them for different algorithms/intervals.