Audio playback gradually degrading - X32 & Mac OS Sierra01

Using Cubase 8.0.4 on my mac. Foolishly updated my Mac OS Sierra 10.12. Now realizing that there may be conflicts with both OS upgrade and Cubase 8.0.4. Is there an update in progress. I record and playback through my Behringer X32.

Playback of audio and Recording is fine for the first 2 minutes and then the audio slowly degrades to flange-sounding, phase-sounding mess. Digital distortion. Oddly recording during this horrible audio playback - the tracks are still fine. To quickly correct the issue I have to disconnect the USB cable from my X32 and plug it back in and the audio is fine again.

One thing I notice is every time I restart Cubase - I get an alert message that Cubase discovered I have new audio Driver and I have to select my X_UF (Behringer x32) driver selection again and again when starting up Cuabse.

Is this a conflict with Cubase 8.0.4 and Sierra?

I did a quick video recording of the problem and posted it on Youtube:

Any input, thoughts or advice appreciated!

Have you found the solution?

Is your problem solved? i have the same issue. Macbook pro mojave and macbook air mojave both with cubase 10 le. audio degrading after +/- 5 minutes. also happens with itunes playing music. when i restart cubase the problem is gone for 5 minuten.