Audio Playback Issues When Connecting or Disconnecting Headphones (Using Note Performer)

Has anyone else run into this annoying problem with Dorico on a Mac M1? Every time I plug or unplug my headphones, the audio playback gets muted. To fix it, I usually go to “Device Setup,” click on “Device Control Panel,” and check either the “Headphones” or “Computer audio” box. But here’s the thing:

Sometimes this solution doesn’t work at all, and I’m left with no sound coming from either side until I restart Dorico or the playback engine.
On top of that, the “Device Control Panel” button can stop working altogether and won’t open the options window, unless I restart my entire computer.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum NunoL.

In the Device Control Panel, do you have the option ticked for ‘Automatically configure device’?

Hi Ulf,

Yes, I do!

Then it should work. I also have MacMini-M1 here and with me it switches between speaker and headphones as expected.

I know, stupid reply from me, but I have no idea at this moment then…
It’s late here and maybe tomorrow I come with some fresh thought…

Hi again Ulf,

Thanks for your time! On my computer it simply doesn’t work. Only restarting the computer solves the problem. It’s very annoying… I have tried everything but it doesn’t seem to get better than this.

Reading again what you describe, it could be that the audio engine is crashing while plugging headphones. Could you please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks a lot