Audio playback not lining up with wave display

Hey team, please help.
When I extract the vocal, the Playback is not lining up with the wave display.
In this picture the Audio has finished but the display of the wave is out of sync.

What’s the sample rate of your Cubase project, and of the audio file that you sent to SpectraLayers ?

I have occasionally seen the same thing.
I think it might be a Cubase 12 bug, as it is easily cured by saving the project and completely shutting down Cubase. When Cubase is freshly started the misalignment between the wave form and the audio is gone and all is good.

Oh… didn’t think of that.
just checked the wave file and it only 1141 Kps, is that what is causing the issues?
and this is the projects sample rate.

thanks for your reply, I thought that might be the case and tried but no luck.

1141KBps, does this mean the file is 48Khz (@24Bit/Mono)? If so yes Cubase sometimes has issues with audio files sample rate and project sample rates that differs when using ARA. Try setting or converting them to the same sample rate.

I don’t think its 48khz 24bit mono… its a MA4 codec from VLC media player similar to MP3 and then it was converted to wave, so this might be the issue.
thanks for your time.