Audio playback on LE5 with Tascam 1800

The tascam came bundled with Cubase LE5, it is a nice I/O, USB2, 8 mic preamps and so forth. It took a long time to get cubase running with all the activation crap but finally got it all licensed and such. The problem is there is no audio after recording. The waveform shows up on the waveform block but nothing I do gets me audio playback. I only had two choices of ASIO drivers, a generic one and this 'full duplex something or other, but not the one listed in the little booklet. I did mapping and such and selected stereo in and out (just to test the system, just working with a couple of mics till I figure the system out. Cubase is ported to a Toshiba laptop, dual core, 4 gigs ram, 500 gb hd.
So the tascam has a USB 2 port and have the cable to plug into a Toshiba USB port. I tried playing an audio CD on the laptop and that worked fine. I tried hooking a small mixer to the monitor left and right outs on the back of the tascam, no luck, no sound out of the phone jack of the tascam, also no audio out of the Toshiba earphone jack when playing back recorded sounds. Really have no idea what to try next. Audio settings on Toshiba are fine, max volume control on all volumes and so forth. What am I missing? Transport works, can go back to beginning of a cut and start a playback just no sound. HELP!

Google ASIO4All.

Thanks for the tip. If I download it, would it be ok to download the beta versions they talk about? Also, once it is downloaded, would it automatically show up on the list of drivers in cubase LE5?

Another question: what extra functions would I get going to LE6 or LE7? Which version would give me the most for the least amount of money?

This is my first excursion into Cubase, as a long time Sonar user.

If your ASIO4all doesn’t work, I am thinking seriously of just getting Sonar X3, I already have x1 on a desktop.

I downloaded asio4all, no help. I also went into control panel, audio and set the 1800 as default audio playback, also no help. Now it is beginning to look like a hardware problem with the US 1800. Next going to try hooking up the 1800 to another DAW I use, desktop version.