Audio Pool Bug introduced in 9.5.30

There’s a bug introduced in 9.5.30 where when you select an audio file in the Audio Pool, hit delete, and it no longer asks you to “remove from pool” or “move to trash”. It says that the audio file is used in another pool and cannot be moved to the trash (which it is not and has the correct Path). The file is removed from the Pool but is still in the Audio folder in Finder. See the attached screenshot.

This is a horrible bug because I use Bounce In Place a lot, and since Cubase will bounce all the outputs connected to that instrument (VE Pro in this case) I am stuck with many, many unused and unnecessary audio files filling up my hard drive. Please fix this ASAP.
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 7.11.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.57.46 PM.png

I saw that but it was in another Pool unless my understanding is incorrect.

Previously, I had exported selected tracks as referenced files into another project unless it means something else.

My Pool path has not changed. I opened the same project I used yesterday in 9.5.21 and had no problems with deleting files in the Pool. I even created a new, empty project to test and it has the same results.

The whole Pool could do with a complete overhaul in my view, in particular if there are no files why prefix _01 etc after the file; such an arcane way of working and no wonder people talk about products such as Studio One (I hope Presonus and Steinberg are good friends).

I deleted files from the project window, in the pool and trash. No issue…

Fyi… no audio pool issues on my PC either. Removing and trashing audio files from the pool works as expected.

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I had a few audiodropouts on .21, and its maybe fixed now. On the other hand, the new bugs in the pool is very serious and need to be fixed asap. So its a tradeoff, you loose some bugs but get new ones in return. Also the hole new DOP needs to be reverted to the old functionallity, but that is a design decicion from Steinberg.

Totally agreed… I HATE the loose way direct offline processing works. IT GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING I FEEL ABOUT COMPUTER BASED AUDIO… the way CUBASE worked from 9 pro backward is absolutely fine. There was no reason to make this change. It literally just makes it a complete headache to understand if what I am looking at on the project grid is actually what is stored in the files… i make decisions and stick with them… I don’t want cubase storing millions of lines of XML trash data to make sense of reverting every change possible with wav clips. how ridiculous that they broke the SOLID way cubase used to allow you to keep mental track of your project view wav clips and the files being represented by them. When working with loads of tracks, this was the only way to keep the growing session data from exploding… that and backup project function to clear bad xml data… now to use 9.5 you have to close out and come back to get the same effect as 9.0 just sitting there working as designed…

Steinberg, you need to admit you made a mistake by allowing direct offline processing to fully REPLACE the working audio stem management tools… you need to include BOTH sets of tools that work side-by-side. That is the only way to move forward… otherwise I am stuck at 9.0 until you get your shit together.

No problems so far with audio pool. However agree about DOP.

I do think that the Audio Pool thingyy is mac only… No problem here across 3 Windows 10 computers.

Windows 7 here, and I have the Audio Pool bug, as well as the one of Cubase not asking anymore if I want to delete newly created files of a session I’m not keeping.

Rolled back to 9.5.21 and everything is fine again.

This is the main concern I have for applying the new patch. I am holding off until I have seen this issue addressed as my Audio Pool is something I can’t afford to not working as expected.

Windows 7 and I have the Audio Pool bug too.

+1. The bug ‘used in Another Pool’ reproduces here. (and its not used anywhere else - I’ve just created the file)
Windows 7 64 bit

+1 this bug exists here too (New Project Cubase 9.5.3 on win10) - I create Audio Click Track which is certainly not used anywhere else and the Audio pool keeps telling me it can not delete those files because they are used in another pool :frowning:( please fix !!!

+1 this bug is here too. And I’ve experienced it in several different sessions since updating to 9.5.3.

On another note… it’s now almost October. This has been a bug since May. What happened to incremental updates Steinberg used to be so good about?

I’d be surprised if another update comes out before Cubase 10 which should be around November.

Has this been fixed in 9.5.40. Couldn’t see it in the version history…

thanks for info.