Audio pool location issue

Hello, This may seem like a very basic question but I didn’t manage to find the answer by myself so I am asking here for help. I created some kind of “template” from a project file that I reuse for similar types of songs, however, this project file has located its Audio pool and AUDIO folder on the original project folder of the song I used for template, and regardless what new project with its own folder I start from this “template”, all new audio files keep on being stored on the AUDIO folder of the original project folder used. How can I change this without erasing all the audio files related to projects created from this template? I opened the Audio pool window and see very well that all audio files are located in the Audio folder of the original song folder, I can’t find the way to change this.

Did you use the save as template option to create the template?

If it is saved as template you should be able to tick the “prompt for project location” option in the hub/assistant when you create a new project based on that template.

I didn’t save as template since I was not aware of this feature, maybe that’s where I should start from a project that fits the purpose. Thank you kindly!

I have always wondered about the warning when deleting files from the pool/hardrive. Scares me.

When I go to make a Template from an existing project, I will first do a Backup Project to another drive just in case.

Then from the project backup I will delete all audio from the pool then ‘Save As Template’.