Audio Pool Question

Hello everyone

I’d like to address a question to any audio recording professionals or just anyone who might know about audio in cubase.

I have some audio tracks I have rendered from MIDI but I’d like to move them out of the generic “Audio” folder and put them somewhere safe.

Will cubase mediabay simply find them no matter where they are on the machine or is there a level of arduousness involved?

Yes, you can move the audio from the Audio folder in the project directory, and when you next open the project, Cubase will prompt you to locate the audio or skip. You can locate them manually, or ask Cubase to search (I usually search). The exact ins and outs of this dialog are in the manual, but it’s pretty straightfoward.

I move things quite often and this method works for me.

Implied in the above method is that you don’t move the audio while Cubase is running…


Hi mike

Thanks for that answer!

This is my first “recording” if I can call it that since it’s all programmed anyway but only now do I need to free up processing (and tone generation) power.

When I am about to start on another song I will consider again this question but since Cubase always asks for an audio folder anyway I try to point it to the same one whenever I am working for example on a copy of the original file but this means I could potentially run into trouble so I may just move them in advance.

I’m guessing that this search function whether manual or automatic has nothing to do with media bay and I guess that is a bit of a shame as that is what I thought was it’s main function to help find audio files but of course presets are important as well but in my mind, I store presets with the project and don’t tend to use them across projects but there are of course differing ways of working.

Cheers & regards