Audio Pool Second Screen

I hardly ever work with audio files, but yesterday I had a big project with lots of small audio files. So I frequently needed to access the Audio Pool, so I wanted to drag the audio pool window to my second screen, but that doesn’t work? I can drag the window, but it will not go to the second monitor???

Is this a bug? I mean I can drag every little window in cubase to monitor 1 or 2, but not this very important window???

always on top ?

always on top is not even possible! But I see what the problem is, the border of the window is the same as the project window, which also can not dragged to the 2nd screen. The only way to do that is to undock the main window and manually stretch it across the 2 screens. Then you can drag the pool window. Why oh why, all these inconsistencies???

Just found your post on this. I’m struggling with the same problem (multiple monitors, want to drag the pool window to the second monitor so I can see the project window and the pool window at the same time).

When you say you have to “Undock” the main window I’m not sure what you mean. How do you “Undock” it?

Thanks in advance.