Audio pops and crackles in Musical Mode.

I’ve never used Musical Mode before, I’ve never really gone that deep into Cubase functionality to do anything that requires it.

I wanted to hear how a recent project, which has a mixture of VST instruments, MIDI tracks and recorded audio would sound just a tiny bit slower. I didn’t want to re-record all the guitar parts, and drag my singer out from her box to re-do the vocals, because I realised Cubase will now (previous experience is with a VERY old version of Cubase, that didn’t do nearly as much nearly as well as current versions) sort all of that out for me. I went into the Pool, switched all my recorded audio to Musical Mode, and when I play it back, it all has little faint pops and judders in it. Take it out of Musical Mode, and it’s fine.

The manual doesn’t give much in the way of advice on Musical Mode, other than how to activate it (although irritatingly it says I can activate it using the little musical note button on the toolbar, which I cannot find on the aforementioned toolbar) - is there some setting that I’m missing to get audio to play normally when it’s in musical mode? I had a look at the list in the pool, and the tempo for each file matches the tempo of the project.