Audio pops between edits

Cubasis 3 > I have always had a problem getting a pop at the beginning of each audio track when I set an in-point using the loop gadgets on the timeline. It wasn’t a big problem to edit them out, if I was recording a whole track, from start to finish. But, now that I am trying to create loops 4 and 8 bar loops, it has become a problem. I’m getting a pop at the beginning of every audio insert I make and if you are creating loops, it becomes quite obvious. Any ideas what could be causing this and what I need to do to keep this from happening in the future?
Thx - joe
In this example, the pop occurs right where the cursor is. Sounds like a record needle skipping.

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Did you create/record the loops in Cubasis?
Does it help to use the fade in event handle to get rid of the audio pop?

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Thank you Lars for your quick response.

I’m recording every using Cubasis3 on an iPad 8th gen.

After a little more testing, I believe the problem I was running into was not Cubasis at all, but my playing technique when recording them.

I think the problem was I was only using a 1 bar countdown and wasn’t actually playing until the recording started, when I should have been playing ahead of time.

I increased the countdown to 2 bars and I adjusted my countdown so I would start playing a bar ahead of the when the recording started and and the pops have disappeared.

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We’re glad to read that you’ve been able to sort out the issue.

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