Audio pre-record - not as set in C8?

I have pre-record set to 5 seconds, and it’s an absolutely brilliant lifesaver for drop-ins.

Ive been noticing recently that the full 5 seconds isn’t there, sometimes one or two seconds, sometimes almost nothing, sometimes the whole 5 seconds.

Anyone else seen this?


Could you describe more precisely, when it happens, please? I can reproduce it only one way: Add an Audio track, and hit recording immediately. But this is logical, there wan’t the “buffer” time to record these 5 seconds. Or can you reproduce it even different way?

Thanks Martin, I’m not exactly sure what provokes this, I’m usually in the middle of doing something else and don’t have time to think about it properly. Next time I notice it I’ll make a mental note.

As you say, if I create a new track, or change the input routing, one might expect not to get the full buffer, but in fact I often find I do get a full 5 secs even then, in fact I wondered if Cubase buffers all the available inputs all the time?