Audio preset selection crashing cubase

Hi, i am having problems with audio presets in audio connections, i have not installed anything new yet the problems have started. I am on cubase 12 pro with windows 10, when i load a previously saved preset in the audio connections box it freezes and i have to use ctrl alt delete to stop it, the crashdumps created are all 0 kb. Another odd behaviour is if i save an audio preset, the next time i use cubase the preset has dissappeared, this happens even if i save the preset twice and cubase asks me if i wish to overwrite it , which i do, then the next time i use cubase and look for the preset, it has gone. Does anyone know where the presets are stored? If i go down the route of reinstalling cubase 12 will i have to reinstall all plugins and vst’s? Any help in what to try, to fix this would be appreciated.