Audio Priority/ASIO Guard, does it help with VST inst.s?

I am wondering does Audio Priority boost only for help with audio tracks?

Also does ASIO Guard only assist when recording audio?


It affects the whole audio processing handling. ASIO Guard means “dynamic Buffer Size filling”.

Asio guard only ever helps playback of non real time tasks.

As such can not help in recording audio directly BUT it may free up resources in such a way that there are more freed resourses for recording audio in real time thus helping in an indirect way.


What problem are you trying to solve?

I’m using a Roland driver that was made for Windows 8.1 so this would probably not help but I seem to get inconsistent results when applying the various settings.

I have a large buffer in place (1024kb) and the highest latency setting available as there is no recording in any form, either MIDI or audio.

This has never been a problem in the past with crackles and pops but as I say the driver could be the problem but I won’t know until more Cubase updates roll out, or else purchase a new interface.

If you don’t have an external MIDI device and also aren’t concerned about latency, using ASIO Guard setting “high” with the highest ASIO buffer size and audio priority set to “high” will yield the best Cubase performance. It sounds like you’ve tried that, though. Grab latencymon and see if it reports any problematic drivers holding system resources open.