Audio Priority "Boost" - affects intern Midi or just extern?

Maybe a stupid question… but I never tweaked here before but lately I found out that I can get rid of playback dropouts when setting Audio Priority to “Boost”… But now I am not sure - I have usually “some” MIDI in my projects, usually for triggering drums etc… here is PERFECT timing a MUST.

Cubase helps says I can set it to “Boost” if I have no or little MIDI in my projects… So - does this affect intern Midi as well? Midi which is handled completely within Cubase? Or does this mean more or less “oldschool” MIDI which leaves the Computer for controlling synths etc…?


From that description I assume it will raise audio performance over anything else (including midi).

Mh… but what will happen with Midi then? Will I have bad timing? So far everything seems well… I am blending drumsamples to the original tracks which requires sample precise timing otherwise it will cause phase issues… or even flam-artefacts…

It’s a good question whether it will affect it. It shouldn’t affect audio mixdown in any case. You could test for a few days if you notice more issues in general with one setting over another. I have no idea if the manual means external midi input or internal midi events, either.

Yea, just thought about the mixdown thing as well - which should be fine in any case - so all is fine then.

Maybe a friendly Steinberg Mate can enlighten us a bit more :slight_smile:

Eeeeeeeeeckeeeehaaaaard! :slight_smile: