Audio priority setting question - bad realtime peaks Mac OS


I´m struggling with really high ASIO realtime peaks in Cubase 9 MAC OS Sierra. When troubleshooting I found the Audio Priority setting under Audio Device settings. When I changed it to BOOST the realtime peaks was reduced considerably.
I wonder why this is not set to boost by default and what possible issues this settings could cause.

Cubase online help stated that this was a Windows only setting, strange because it is available in MAC version too. :question:

Something strange is going on with Cubase on Sierra. When just klicking between the different zones in the Cubase GUI peaks the realtime ASIO meter, at least on my Mac Mini Server 2011 (i7). Tried to disconnect all external devices and even try with change to a USB mouse and an Apple bluetooth magic pad, disable icloud, wifi, bluetooth, time machine, only use a displayport display, hdmi display etc etc and nothing made a difference :frowning: but again, audio priority setting set to boost seems to help, just dont know about the possible negative side effects this can have, yet.

Have not had to fight these kind of CPU problems with Cubase before, since I moved to Mac.