Audio problem in Dorico 5.0.20

When I start Dorico 5 there is no sound in playback. I have to change the soundcard option in Device setup (to Generic) and then change it back. My soundcard is RME UFX with the latest USB driver, I’m on Windows 10. I do not have the same problem in Dorico 4 on the same computer and I’ve had no issues with Dorico 5 so far, I think it came with the 5…0.20 release. If I load a new project or when I switch projects sometimes I have to do the same procedure again but not always.

Bump. I cannot see my post in the list.

Hi @Lippi, for a start, could you please do in Dorico help > create diagnostics report and post the corresponding zip file here?
many thanks.

Dorico (783.7 KB)
Hi Ulf,
Here I’m sending it. Thank you for your help
Best regards

I’ve sent you a private message via this board, please check.

SOLVED!! It seems that Dorico 5’s WinRT MIDI setting interacting with RME drivers was the culprit. (It can be found: Preferences>Play>Advanced Options.) Thank you Ulf so much for your help. Dorico costumer support is the best!