audio problem UR44

Hello. I’ve recently bought an akai gx-215d reel to reel and noticed when I play music I’ve recorded from this into the UR44 (from ‘line out’ on reel to reel) it loses huge quality converting it to digital - becomes dull, flat, loses it’s width and warmth. I checked using all analogue set-up and the reel to reel plays perfectly so something is happening in the UR44. Listening to the reel through it’s dedicated headphone socket is also perfect.

I use the UR44 as my main interface with analogue synths, guitars no problem.

I can’t understand what is happening and would be grateful for any suggestions.



I am not real smart on this subject but could it have to do with not using the input with the correct input impedance and gain for the output of the reel player? Maybe try using some different inputs and settings?

I’ve taken it in through the mic input in on the computer, then played through the UR44 - works, is clear but still none the wiser as to why I can’t go straight into UR44.

Stupid question maybe, but is the result of recording through the UR44 mono…?