Audio problem with external audio driver

Good afternoon everybody. My name is Antonello and I am a musician. I bought Dorico 3.5 and I find it very nice. Unfortunately I cannot hear audio when I use my external audio device ANTELOPE ZEN GO. I have set it as main audio inside Dorico but still doesn’t work. I can use Dorico only with Imac’s speakers and it really frustrating. I have an Imac 2020 with Big Sure. I hope someone help me. Many many thanks.

Make sure you have the correct sample rate set. If, for instance, your device only supports 44.1 and you are set to 44.8, you could have issues.

EDIT: I’ve yahoogled your device and it supports up to 192; just make sure that the sample rate Dorico is putting out MATCHES whatever rate your device is set to.
You can particularly run into problems if you have more than one program trying to push audio through the device (Dorico and a DAW, for instance) if they are set to different rates.

Thanks for your answer. Of course I Got it . But unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Have you tried switching to a different device and then switching back, to see if Dorico can re-connect?

Also, can you confirm that other programs are putting audio out through the device? Is it only Dorico that is not working?

Yes sure . I am using Pro Tools, Sibelius, Studio one always with my Antelope Zen Go and all of them working well. So now I am trying to download the Halion library but honestly I am sure I won’t solve the problem.

You do need the HALion library (or some other sound library), otherwise Dorico will stay mute.
If you installed the HALion library and still don’t get playback, then please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ from the Dorico menu. The corresponding zip file then please post here. Thanks

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That is indeed an important part of the puzzle. Dorico can’t make any noise if it doesn’t have any library installed!

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Thanks for your collaboration . I will download Halion even though when I work with Sibelius I don’t have any libraries installed and I work only with Note Performer 3. I thought it was the same with Doric. Anyway I hope to solve this problem because it seems amazing working with Dorico

I might be wrong, but my feeling is that, if you work with NotePerformer 3 and it’s properly installed (with playback template, set by default, etc) you should be able to have playback, even with HALion stuff not installed. This could save you some real estate on your drive… And if that is the problem and you already have HALion installed, there’s a library manager that could help you move or delete the library you don’t need.

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Yes I think the same because I have no problem with Sibelius (working only with Note Performer 3). Anyway I want to solve this problem so I will download Halion.

Honestly, I don’t use any of the sounds provided by Steinberg with Dorico. My keyboards are all Pianoteq, my main sound source is NotePerformer, and for specific works, I’ve invested in all sorts of libraries from Spitfire, Native instruments, etc. Even the plug-ins I use are not stock. And yet, Dorico has had very little problems, considering the number of hours I’ve been using it for five years!
By the way, welcome to the forum!

Thank you .It’s a pleasure for me. I am agree with you and I use the same way to work. I prefer third part of plugins and libraries . I have heard of Dorico so I am so curios and I want to try my old sistem (Sibelius) . Have a great day

I have the feeling you’re going to like it. I got converted the first time I imported a Sibelius file into Dorico (as XML): my computer file turned out to be a really engraved music file instantaneously. I know it’s possible to do it in Sibelius, but by that time (19th october 2016) it did require a lot of work. Maybe it’s still the case, maybe not. I don’t care. All I use is Dorico :wink:

@Puccinianodoc hello, and welcome to Dorico! :slight_smile:

  1. By default Dorico doesn’t have any integrated sample player like Sibelius. In order to use General MIDI Sound you’ll need Halion SE and it’s content.
  2. If you are using mainly NotePerformer, then you don’t need Halion.

If the Zen Go, which is great device, is properly set, most probably the NotePerformer isn’t correctly set?!
Make sure that NotePerformer for Dorico is installed!
If you installed NP before Dorico, while Sibelius was the only scoring software on your desktop, then the NotePerformer for Dorico is not there and you will need to re-install the NP (the NP installer always checking which notation software you have and installing only the packages for the existing scoring apps).
Then you have to choose NotePerformer as Default Playback template, as shown on the screenshot below.

I wish you success with solving the issue! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


And after you’ve made sure the installation of NP is correct, then you can also apply the NP template to files you’ve already created, if it doesn’t open up by default. Go to Play > Playback Template choose Noteperformer and hit “apply and close”.

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You might need to reinstall NP so that it adds its library to Dorico if you didn’t have Dorico when you first installed it.


Good morning dear , unfortunately I didn’t solve the problem. I did all you said . Maybe i have to send the file zip to solve the problem or maybe there is some application that created this problem ( maybe Da Vinci Resolve) I have no idea. Anyway thank you to helping me

The problem is : Note Performer 3 works with Dorico even without any libraries. But it doesn’t work if I use my audio device Antelope Zen Go. The audio works only with my Imac’s speakers . How can you help me? many many thanks

Doesn’t work in this way

Do you have any other audio app open at the same time?
Try to have only Dorico open and nothing else; same thing?
Also, if in that situation, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. Maybe that reveals something to me