Audio problem with mic

I’m new to all this so there is a good chance the answer to this question is very simple - hope someone can help. I’m using Cubase 8 and on an audio track using a mic (via my Scarlett 6i6) I have to shout through the mic to get it to register, like there is a threshold that I have to hit to get a sound through it. It’s not just like the volume is turned down, if I talk/sing through the mic nothing comes through but if I shout then it comes on and is loud through the speakers. Is there some sort of input threshold that I should adjust?

We’ll need to know whether you mean on playback or just live with the mic (in which case you should not really monitor via your speakers)

Also whether you are monitoring the mic signal via Cubase or using direct monitoring.

There is no threshold unless, perhaps you have a noise gate inserted somewhere.
Basically you need to give a lot more info.

Assuming you’ve got the gain turned up :wink: , what sort of a mic is it? Does it need phantom power?

Just live with the mic. Regarding direct monitoring … I don’t even know what that is, I’m such a novice. Yes gain is up - I’ve messed about with that and it doesn’t make any difference.

It’s a Shure SM58 - doesn’t need phantom

Got a spare lead?

As suggested earlier, I think you need to tell us your recording chain in detail: are you using an XLR-XLR cable, into what socket, what buttons are in/out on your interface, any plugins in the chain in the Cubase mixer…

What about the Scarlett MixControl? Any faders down?

Focusrite manual describes direct monitoring as low latency monitoring…basically it takes the input (your mic signal) and feeds it direct to the speakers…so if you are using this then the issue sis in the interface software whereas if you are monitoring via Cubase it may be a problem with the way Cubase is set up.

You could close Cubase completely and see if you still hear the mic via the Focusrite…in which case you definitely ARE direct monitoring. If the problem persists then we’ve ruled out Cubase and it’s either a hardware problem or something set wrong in Mixcontrol.

Many thanks for your help guys and for explaining direct monitoring. I had been opening new projects with the presets offered in the opening screen of Cubase such as Vocal track and Distortion Guitar and for some reason one of my inputs on the Scarlett worked ok and the other needed really loud input for it to register. I realised it was the input rather that the mic as the same thing happened with guitar when I swapped them over. If I open a blank project and create my own tracks it works fine with both. So all good. Thanks again.

Ahh…so probably a gate in the distorted guitar effects.