Audio problem

Hello! I am having some audio problems, I will try to keep this as short and to the point as possible.

I am using Cubase AI 5 with a Steinberg CI 2 external sound card.
For years I have been using Windows 7. I have had my speakers connected through the soundcard and everything has worked perfectly.
When my harddrive failed recently, I changed it and upgraded to Windows 10.

Now my computer can no longer detect speakers, and computer sound is not working. However CUBASE is working, with sound and everything, from the very same speakers. But youtube is without sound, plings on the computer is without sounds and when I try to play MP3 files through windows media player, or groove music or anything, it says it doesnt support that format and refuse to play it.

HOWEVER, if I connect my speakers straight into the computer, everything works like a charm, except for Cubase of course. Windows Media Player plays all files and there is no problem.

I dont want to connect back and forth between the soundcard and computer all the time. Is there someone who can help me, pretty please?

You need to make the CI2 your default sound device for windows.

Hi, it seems that your audios are corrupted during the process of upgrading, you can just download a data recovery tool to recover them. As there are many choices, I have used the Bitwar Data Recovery tool. I think it did well in recovering data, so if necessary, you can also use this one. Hope you can get back your audios successfully.

I wouldn’t imagine you’ll need to be doing any data recovery to fix this!!!
Just follow planarchist’s advice, or reinstall drivers to see if that fixes the problem.