audio problem


I have realised that I am having a problem no one could help me so far.

The problem is with audio.
I have Cubase6, RME Fireface UC, Lenovo ThinkPad x201i.

My problem appears in two ways:

  1. I press play – Audio doesn´t start playing .

In Cubase6 cursor runs, timecode runs, but audio doesn´t play. Audio character activity advice doesn´t show anything /Cubase6 mixer, Fireface mixer/. In Cubase it looks as everything works BUT IT DOESN´T PLAY.

  1. I press play – Audio starts playing but after some time for example one minute it stops playing .In Cubase6 cusor runs, timecode runs, but doesn´t play.

    I use Cubase6 only as audio+midi player /for playing wav files/. I don´t use Cubase6 with VST instruments., Efx etc. Cubase6 is installed only in custom configuration without Halion, VST, etc. There isn´t any other software installed in laptop (Office, etc.).

I use only one project in Cubase 6 which is approximentally 28 hours long where 330 wav files are. In the project is one stereo track /Fs 44.1, 16 bits/, one midi track (only controllers for digital mix Yamaha 01V96 at the beginning and end of wav files) and one cycle marker track. Each wav file has three or four minutes and has its cycle marker. I do wav playing via „Play Selection Range“. The selection of wav files runs in the Browser. Wav files / cycle marker / is on and plays and during that time while it is played in the Browser window with the help of up/down buttons I look for another wav file-cycle marker. And this is done all the time round. My problem appears once or twice in ten days. It means that it runs 25 hours correctly and then audio stops. I must restart the laptop , sometimes the error appears twice at the same time and then ten days it runs correctly.

Laptop is used on the stage during alive applications.

Where can I look for a problem?

  1. In notebook and Windows 7?

  2. Or the problem may be caused by the way I am using project in cubase 6 and its size?

  3. Is it posssible that notebook Apple Pro Mac would be the solution of this problem?

    Thank you for your help. Martin.

I have a PC=laptop Lenovo ThinkPad X201i type 3323-1YG, Widows7 32bit, processor Intel Core i3 390M, disk SSD (flash) OCZ Agility 3, 60Giga. Software Cubase6 32bit.
RAM 4 Giga.

Usually when I’ve had things like that, it’s been hard drive speed that’s the problem. Have you tried the same project from a fast external drive?

I would try to narrow the problem down to find out what the cause might be and if there’s a suitable solution. But that could take a while of course!!

For example, try testing it with a much shorter project of say 1 hour length, i.e. deleting most of the clips.

Or, use another soundcard - perhaps the built-in laptop sound card for a while.

Remove any plugins one-by-one that you are using, perhaps these are going bad?

Check that all of the hardware drivers are up-to-date (sound card, graphics card, mobo, etc.)

Other than that, can’t think of much more you can do…

Try another laptop maybe, or try a desktop?


That’s a problem with laptops. When you buy one you have to insist on 7200rpm hard drive.
Your drive probably is only 5400rpm - that’s not enough for audio.
But the good news is that new drives are cheap!



I used HDD 500 Giga, 7200 rpm. Later, I used SSD disk OCZ Agility 3, 64 Giga. No results. The problem persists.

I used HDD 500 Giga, 7200 rpm. Later, I used SSD disk OCZ Agility 3, 64 Giga. No results. The problem persists.

I think GargoyleS got it. That “28 hours long” does stand out.
Do you get the same performance on a new Project or a shorter Project?


I do not use plugins.
I am using the latest drivers.
I try to use an integrated sound card. Good idea. Thanks.
I"ll try to shorten project.
New laptop. O.K., …but what kind of… PC? or Mac?


Sorry, I do not understand. English is not my native language. Explain again, please?