Audio problems after upgrading from Elements to Pro (solved)


I upgraded from Elements 9.5 to Pro 11, opened a project that worked flawlessy before to find out that there are severe audio dropouts/glitches (I’m not sure about the most accurate English word) while playing back. Didn’t even try to record after that.

The parts where this happens are a bit busy, with automation and tempo changes, but they didn’t cause trouble in my Elements.

I know there are many things to do to optimize the system in general, some of which I already tried. But does anybody come up with some obvious ideas, knowing the only change here is the Cubase upgrade? For example can it be the heavier programme is just too heavy for my PC? Or is it common that carrying an unfinished project over between two versions of Cubase causes problems?

My system is Windows 10 Pro, i7-4770S at 3.10GHz, 8Gt RAM. The audio interface is Behringer UMC404HD.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: I had to increase the buffer size all the way to 2048 to make it run smoothly, which obviously isn’t acceptable.

Ok, now it seems to be working “suspiciously” well after I changed my BIOS settings according to this:

(“Tweaking the computer”).

Now I can lower the buffer size all the way to 16 no problem. God (or some of you) knows what are the downsides.

You will probably find as you have more tracks and vst instruments it will start glitching the audio at 16. I run big projects on a i9 at 64 samples with my RME interface which is easily good enough. Latency is still low at 128 samples