Audio problems

Hi! I’ve just bought dorico and it’s great, I just have a little problem: when i boot it I cant hear any audio output except the one coming out from dorico, for example You Tube videos are muted and every audio except dorico, is this normal? It also happens that you tube media player stops and the video charges but it doesn’t play. I can solve this problem only closing dorico and finding a particular vst process in background, using windows task manager, and closing it.

You shall be able to hear YouTube and Dorico at the same. Please have a look at this video
It covers a lot of audio issues also including that what you experience.
If even after watching that video you still can’t get it to work, please come back again and we will get you going.

I have a similar problem, the volume of sounds is barely audible, although I do not change the settings

No, your problem is different, because you get at least sound out (though at an unexpected low level). What ASIO driver do you have selected under Edit > Device Setup?