Audio problems

Trying to set up cubase AI has been a nightmare. If installing wasn’t complicated enough, finally got through that and I’m unable to use the program. There is no audio playing, the program is completely mute. I’m trying to add drums, but can’t hear anything. I watched several videos trying to mess with the ‘studio setup’ and ‘audio setup’ to fix the issue, but still no dice. I attached pictures to show what it looks like on my end.

Not only does the audio not work in cubase, but it is also messing with the audio on my entire computer. Every time I play a video anywhere (on youtube, dvd, etc), there is this loud buzzing sound coming from just my right speaker that started after I installed cubase. I re-installed my audio driver, which stopped the buzzing temporarily, but then it came back when I tried using cubase to compose music. Re-installed audio driver again and the buzzing has stopped, but wondering why cubase is causing my right speaker to buzz like a broken TV screen anyway???
I’m using it on Windows 10, pretty sure I downloaded the 64bit version.

Also, I have not recorded anything yet. Just trying to mess with the VST instruments and am not getting any sound.

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. I have an event I’m trying to compose a song for and I don’t know if I’m going to make the deadline.

Hi and welcome,

The “2nd output…” in the Audio Connections > Outputs doesn’t look really healthy to me. Could you change this to “1st output…” if there is anything like this?

Thanks for responding.

Update: I messed around with all the audio outputs possible, but changing the outputs didn’t work. I then messed around with settings until I got this error message:

I’ve installed from the full installer and as the administrator. I even uninstalled and re-installed to see if it would fix itself. It did not. I guess I’ll keep trying things and see if I can fix the missing sound archive.


Have you installed from the setup.exe (not MSI) file, please?