Audio problems

Hi, i’m working on a imac 27" 2.8 i7 8g ram.
CUbase 5 is working with my midi sequences just fine…but when i import a audio file( mp3,wave) i put the cursor on the begin of the wave and the song starts to play…but if i move the cursor to the middle of the wave i get no sound…the cursor is walking but i ear no sound…so i went to the pool, and there´s an option musical mode…i clic there but the audio wave plays with no sense…like a scratch disk…
I have the latest update of mr tools…
Please anybody have a solution for this?


Have you tried to increase the latency all the way up?

hi…, yes…i have tried that too…but i got the same…i don’t know if it is because i’m importing mp3 files…

i remember something that could help…if i increase volume on the blue line on the wave, it starts to play with sound…it’s strange…

Get a wave file ripped from a commercial cd.
Import in Cubase.
Normalize 0dB, just in case.
Check if you hear ok.
Try to record something, normalize, check if you hear any sound.