Audio procesing - keeping the original track intact

Hi, good people, I’m on C6.5 top level, this issue was present on 6 as well.

I copy an audio file to a second track, and apply pitch-shift (or some other process) to just one of them, because I want to keep both the original, and the pitch-shifted version. However, I find that the original and the copy are both changed - I have no original !

I seem to remember that, the first time I did this process, after newly installing C6, it asked me if I wanted to keep the original file. On that instance, I said No, and clearly, I must have ticked the box that said: “Do this from now on…” or similar.

So, how can I reverse this behaviour? I can’t find a Preference related to this.


Copy your file and give it a slightly different name, then load both into the pool. Simple but effective!

Thank you. Meaning you need to go outside Cubase to the file manager. Yes, I can see that would work. It’s somewhat time-consuming and awkward. I would prefer to simply reverse the “tick box” that I pressed last year sometime. There must be another way!