Audio > Process but no Audio > Plug-ins

Hi guys, just bought Cubase 6 elements to test the waters as I’ve used the software at work for about a year now but was cubase 5 until a month back.

When I select a clip and attempt to use any plugin I have to load up the effects of the channel and apply the plugin to the track instead of being able to select a clip and AUDIO > PLUG-INS - do whatever to the selected slice/clip.

I don’t want to have to automate everything when I want to make quick adjustments and I can’t even see a mention of plugins in edit mode, only if I load up channel effects and add plugins inside there am I amble to use them?

Is this because I’m running elements and need to upgrade as it’s said as I purchased it I would have 20 mixdowns and I would then have to upgrade? If so I’ll do it right now :smiley:


Thanks! - Will upgrade now.