Audio -> Processes -> Time Stretch stopped working

I was successfully using this feature yesterday (using the Standard - Mix algorithm) to slow down / speed up some solos I’ve been working on. In its dialog, I first slowed down the clip I was learning from by a third using a Time Stretch Ratio of 1.333. Then I went back to full speed on that same clip by applying 0.75. Great. Went to bed, back at it this morning and now, the Time Stretch Ratio won’t go below 10.0! Even in a completely new project. Toggling music mode has no effect. Bizarre. Is this feature on some limited time/usage trial in LE or something? That’s all I can figure.
I did sort of get the job done by using the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” option on the selector tool, but I feel that the Audio->Processes->Time Stretch does a better job and introduces fewer transients. Any clues why it stopped working?

NB: This tool really needs an Apply button. It’s cumbersome and unintuitive that whatever the previous settings were are applied as soon as the dialog opens on a new clip. I found that I have to change the ratio to what I want, then exit the dialog, then do Undo twice to get rid of the the two applications of stretch that just occurred, then re-enter the dialog with the now correct ratio, then exit again. But that’s all moot until I can get it working again with TSR’s less than 10.

BTW - This is LE AI Elements 10

Was able to do what I needed using the before / after BPM settings.