Audio processing and audio distortion

Hello Cubase users
Is anyone able to advise me how much distortion is introduced by

  • audio transposition
  • audio time-stretching
    Can the amount of distortion be quantified? And do both processes produce the same level of distortion?
    Personally, Sometimes I think I can hear distortion. And sometimes I can’t.
    I’m working with choral music, so I want to avoid distortion as much as possible.
    Thanks for any advice.

this is not possible…
the introduced distortion is highly dependent on the signal, the algorithm used and the amount of change/correction applied.

Thanks, then.
So does no-one know if, say, time-stretching produces more distortion that transposition?

How should we know it? It depends on the material and the algorithm used…

and btw time stretching and pitch shifting use the same basic techniques…

Thanks, Steffen.