Audio Processing Load Cubase Elements


Firstly, please forgive me if any of this is blindingly obvious or not right, I’m new to this so learning as I go.


HP Pavilion 15
Windows 10 64bit
8 GB Ram
Intel i5-4288U CPU @2.60Hz
1tb memory

Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Cubase Elements 8

So, I started using the software and recording a couple of guitar tracks with 1/2 inserts each.

I noticed the track would start to crackle and then eventually stop during playback, with a message saying the audio processing load was too high. I went through the options and found a tickbox to activate Steinbergs Optimization settings for the computer, I also tried changing the priority to playback.

This helped a little, I was able to do 4/5 tracks without issue, however when playing back and exporting there was still some unwanted crackling in parts.
Even when only recording or playing back a couple of tracks the audio processing load bar is 3/4 full at all times.

I was never expecting to be able to go crazy recording loads of tracks on a notepad laptop, but was hoping to get more than a few simple tracks out of it. Just wondering is there anything I can do to improve this slightly to at least get a bit of use out of it, or do I need to bite the bullet and buy a powerful desktop?

Thanks in Advance,


Have you tried raising your buffer size?

Or at least tell us where your buffers are set…if you’re at 64 then it’s no surprise you have problems…if you’re at 256 or 512 or higher you should be able to run more stuff than this unless you are using particularly cpu hungry plugins

Try downloading and running Resplendence LatencyMon for 10 or 20 minutes and see what it says.

There are some tweaks that might help…disabling usb selective suspend, disabling core parking for example.