Audio processing overload


More often my project is clipping at certain sections due to Audio processing overload. The meter is at 4/5 at the start already when nothing is playing!!. Any help is welcome!?

I did tried to optimize th eCPU sate (throttle, etc) but nothing helps.
-Buffer length is set to at max.
-Scarlett 2i2 external audio module
-Using Scarlett Asio driver (generic makes no difference)
-Process load Cubase is 2.5GB? in idling mode. Is that normal?

I have 8.5.2 running Win 7 pro with a AMD six core 3.3 GHZ, 16GB RAM.

Please help.

Thanks already!

I’m no pro, but I think maybe reducing buffer size will help. I think it might add unnecessary load with a machine like yours. Your machine should be able to handle very low buffer size.

I hope that if I’m wrong someone corrects me so that we can both learn.

Thanks for your reply. This issue is still here. It most probaply has to do with the audio pool. When using a previous project as a template it requires at least to delete all unnecessary audio files from the pool. Though a fres new project with audio files in it is clipping as well now. Buffer size always at max, power scheme makes it worse etc.
It’s really a problem, I do have to freeze and unfreeze a lot!