Audio processing problem

Last night I tried to do a fade out using the audio processing function of Cubase 9.5. It refused to do it. As usual, I cut and marked the section to be faded and fired up the fade out processor. Clicking apply had no effect. The track is not locked and there are no read/write restrictions on the hard drive. It appears that this is the only project in which this occurs as in other projects I am able to do fade ins and fade outs.

This is the latest in a string of (mostly) minor and irritating problems with Cubase, However this time it’s not only irritating but is the death knell for this project. If I can’t do the fade out (fade outs, actually, since multiple tracks are involved) that’s end of this project.

The computer is an iMac using OSX 10.14.6 and the Cubase version is 9.5.50. Although it may sound trite, in this case any help is very much appreciated.



What about using the Automation track of the Master Stereo output.
I, myself, prefer Manually riding the fader at the end of the song.

Have you perhaps unintentionally converted Audio Events into Audio Parts which I don’t think can be faded?

Thanks rchaisse. I have several tracks to fade and i don’t think I can ride the faders exactly the same on each of them. Besides, when I look at the automation track I can usually see what a sloppy job I do. Hence my pref for audio processing tools.

At the expense of looking like a fool, I must say that I don’t know what the difference is between an audio event and an audio part. I don’t think that I did that conversion but I find it to be pretty easy to do something unintentionally in Cubase so …



Audio parts are audio event containers and have their own editor. They are quite useful for doing basic group handling such as moving or copying. Beside this, I think that most of audio events handling can also be done in the audio part editor, crossfading being one of them, and the lanes can be managed easily. Audio processes can also be done in it, including all the DOP ones (I think - at least, I never encountered a needed process that was unavailable…) or an eventual timewarp definition.

But what I like the most about the audio part editor is that its cursor can be linked to the project one, contrarily to the sample editor : using this with the audio part editor in the lower zone is a true workflow help, as you can directly see how all the events included in a part are positioned against the other track contents of the project, this while continuing the processes needed. I even often convert just one event to a part simply for this…

Concerning the visual side of things, an audio part is easily distinguishable from a simple audio event in the arrange page : the events included in it are clearly seeable as embedded, with added horizontal borders.