Audio processing

Hi team,
I’m running Cubase 8.0 Artist on a brand new gaming computer. In my score, there is a wave that has too high an amplitude for a few seconds. I want to reduce the gain. I select the few seconds>Audio>Process>Gain. I reduce the gain by -3 dB>Preview. The gain sounds lower. I press Process and nothing happens :angry: ! The wave form has the same amplitude and volume. I’ve tried some of the other audio processes as well. I tried selecting a larger region to Normalize it. Same thing - the preview works but when I press Process, nothing happens. The waves look and sound the same.

What is happening? Do I need to disable my AVG antivirus? Is there a service needed that is disabled? I made several CDs years ago with the free version (Cubase AI) and everything worked perfectly! Many thanks.

Okay, nobody knows but I found the answer in a previous post. For the audio processing to work, the project MUST reside in the Cubase folder, otherwise audio processing doesn’t work…AND YET… when you create a new project, Cubase asks, “Where would you like to store this project? You can store it in any folder you want just as long as you don’t want some of the nice functions in Cubase to work!!”

What kind of idiotic coding is this where you must store all your projects in the Cubase folder??? You can’t organize anything when all 100 projects are all nicely bunched up in one folder!!!

Ideas welcome…meanwhile, the free Cakewalk Platinum is looking pretty inviting!!!

Chill. This is of course an OS write permissions issue, not a Cubase problem. You can save your Cubase projects anywhere, and they’ll work flawlessly anywhere, for as long as you can save files to this location.

Google “windows 10 can’t save files” and you’ll see plenty of people having the same issue with different programs. Thankfully you’ll also find plenty of possible solutions.

Chilling…thanks Romantique :slight_smile:.

If I read you correctly, I can create sub-folders under my Cubase folder for the various projects. I have no annoying Microsoft prompt that reads, “You need Administrator permissions to blah, blah, blah…” during the Save operation, so I don’t understand how Windows 10 is causing the issue. Please elaborate and accept my thanks once again.

You wont receive a Windows warning, but it’s really the same issue. Cubase has to respect the OS’ write permissions.

I don’t have Windows 10 here so I can’t guide you step by step, but you’ll know that the problem is solved once you’re able to apply offline processing regardless of where the project is located. You’re definitely not forced to use the Cubase folder if you want to use offline audio processing.

I looked at the Cubase subfolder, which I called, “Lee’s Test Folder.” All user permissions are enabled. The folder type is listed as “General Items.”

When I open the project contained therein, I still can’t get the Gain, Normalize, etc… to work…only the Silence function. I read about offline editing and am even more confused than before :frowning:.

Any other ideas? Many thanks…

You’re talking about Cubase subfolder but it’s not at all clear what Cubase folder you are talking about…You’re not saving projects into the actual Cubase install folder are you?

Hi Grim,

Let’s do this the easy way. Here is my folder structure. The Acer:\D drive is my 500 GB SSD drive where Cubase is installed. Thanks for chiming in, guys!

I would never save projects into the program install folder.

Keep programs and data separate. Typical installation location for Cubase would be c:\program files\steinberg\cubase 9.5
Then you would make a separate projects or songs folder somewhere outside of program files folder.

Not actually sure this is your problem but it’s probably a disaster waiting to happen.

Thanks Grim. That is something I can try. I installed Cubase in the root directory of my Acer:\D drive, as mentioned earlier. Perhaps I need to re-locate my project folders to my Documents folder, hence, isolating it from the Cubase install directory. I’ll give it a try and post back. Thanks again!

That did it, guys! I had put my two sub-folders into the Cubase directory. After moving them to the Documents folder (isolated from the Cubase install folder), everything works!

Thanks again. Case closed…:slight_smile: