Audio pull up/down. Is it necessary when clocking externally with varispeed?

Hello folks.

I´m learning about film transfers and audio pull up/down for PAL/NTSC projects.
Is it necessary to use the audio pull up/down feature when working with an external clock with varispeed enabled?

Unfortunately, I don´t have the gear to test this out… :unamused:

This is the scenario:

  1. I´m working with a film transferred to NTSC and I imported the video and the audio into Nuendo
  2. The audio interface is connected to an external clock (say a SyncStation, for instance), and enabled as receiving an external clock source in Device Setup>VST audio System.
  3. The external clock is setup to send varispeed at -0.1%

Is it necessary to use the audio pull up/down feature in the Project Setup dialogue?

What do you recommend when working with audio pull up/down?

BTW the manual says the following, but its not clear on wether you have to A) just use the varispeed setting on the external clock, or B) enable both varispeed AND audio pull up/down in Project Setup.

“Audio pull-up (+4.1667 %) is the same concept applied to PAL/SECAM video transfers.
Because the film is sped up by 4.1667 % during transfer, audio in Nuendo must be running at
+4.1667 % speed in order to remain in sync with the video during editing and mixing.
In this case, the external clock must be set to +4 % varispeed.”