Audio quantise affected by start point of audio evemt?

I was trying to record an 8 bar loop from an external drum machine, and noticed an oddity tonight.
I don’t normally record like this so perhaps it’s always been this way but it seems unusual to me.

I’ve attached a screenshot to explain what I was coming up against:

The top track is the original loop that I was recording in, and the second track is a direct duplicate of the first track, only difference is that I extended the start point of the audio event. (To display the pre-roll that Cubase records).

Both those events have an audio quantise applied, yet you can see by the waveform (Kick drum) that the top track doesn’t bring the transient forward into the correct spot, but the second track does - because I presume the audio event extended?

Anyone know if this is a bug, or there’s a way around it? Maybe it’s better to quantise via the sample editor so it’s being processed on the clip, rather than event?

For reference this is the two tracks before I applied quantise:

It really caught me out as I was struggling to make a clean 8 bar loop. Appreciate if anyone has an idea if this is a bug or by design. Thanks!

I see that starting of the kick isn’t on grid on second track or maybe i missed something. Is that quantize stretching(audio warp) you applying? Cause from practical and soundwise point of view it’s better to chop every hit into events and than quantize considering you have kick(lows) snare(Mids) hats(highs) where stretching algos aren’t capable to retain quality on those kind of sources.

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Which method did you use for audio quantize?
On which location is the snap points of each event?

Just the standard quantize on the timeline (Q on keyboard) so will be audio warp via automatic hit point detection, and snap point is just as default.

I was just wanting to do a quick quantise to get a loop down and noticed that transients within the event are only detected which affects the start if you play slightly early.