Audio quantize: don't get desrired results?

Imagine a 3 min sloppy bassline wav at 70bpm
Tempo of the project set at 70bpm
Tempo of the bassline set at 70bpm in the pool
Doubleclick the track to open the wav
Use the slider to create hitpoints
Create slices exactly at the right spots
Press quantize
And the new samples are evérywhere except in the right place, some still late, others early or not moved because the overlapped the previous sample etc etc.

HOW is this supposed to work in a simple intuitive manner?
What am I doing wrong?


What was the original tempo in the Pool (before you set it to 70bpm)?

Which version of Cubase exactly do you have, please?

Make sure that you don’t have Iterative Quantize clicked. This will make the parts off a little. It’s supposed to add a little swing to quantizing to make it a little less robotic.

Also, make sure, Swing is not set to any value bigger than 0.

Cubase 8.0.3
Files are recorded at 70bpm metronome
Project bpm is 70
Checked in pool also 70
Iterative is off

It just doesn’t work as expected?

Yeah I’ve had my share of troubles with this also, I thought it was me :slight_smile:

I have asked this a few times to make wizards available as it is not clear how and in which order you should do things.
I guess I will study the manual again (I’ve done this only when I used Cubase 6), I guess we want tools where we do not have to have the manual side by side to the screen, but that’s only possible in the land Utopia I guess.