Audio Quantize/Warping

Simple question. What is the best way to say straighten up the timing on a recorded bass guitar part? Do you do the free warp on it or is there a quicker and better way to lock up the transients on the grid


I can do this in StudioOnePro in 3 steps BTW, Detect Transients, Select All, Quantize=Simple

you can now do it from the arrange page. Just select the part, open the quantize window,check the audio warp button,and hit quantize…done. Obviously you’ll need to check your quantize settings before applying.

if your audio warp button is already checked from a previous time then it’s only 2 steps :smiley:


In the other host it’s actually just one step for audio or midi, just hit Q (or ALT+Q for 50% quantize). Cubase 6 likely can be setup to do the same in one step, one keypress.

Thanks guys. :smiley:

No problem. Just (maybe) change your key binding in Cubase, for whatever key you use to quantize. Assign it to a macro or something that does the steps you need to make that a single keypress.

Haven’t tried it myself but I assume all that can happen without going through a dialog.

It’s only 2 clicks (well 2 clicks and a slider)

go to hitpoints and adjust the settings
quantize hitpoints


Good info, guys. Does anyone know what the steps are to use Q-points to compensate for slow attacks? The Q point option is enabled in my preferences. In the sample editor, I set the hitpoint at the metronome click, and the qpoint at the attack. What do I have to do to apply the changes the Q-points make? (Keep in mind, I don’t have warp tabs, timestretch tools, quantize panels, or any of that fancy C6 stuff). :neutral_face:

Thanks!! :smiley:


Topics move along a bit faster here in the C6 forums… :slight_smile: