Audio Quantize


Im having difficulty fixing the timing on some guitars which are slightly out. Adjusting quantize settings and just hitting quantize make the 2 parts clash horribly.

Should I be using Audiowarp or Vari here? Any detail tutorial vids on getting this down right?


Quantising guitar parts is not easy, it depends a good deal on the style of guitar playing. Sharp, choppy styles can usually be done but sustained open strumming is quite difficult. Which method you use, slicing and crossfading or warping, depends which works best. Usually easier/better to re-record in my experience. Sorry, probably not what you want to hear.

Hi thanks for response. Yea these particular parts are choppy 8th notes. Both are slightly out of time in different place so when quantizing they clash, Ill manually need to make them match. I cant find a decent video on youtube to show these methods in process.