Audio randomly drops when recording or playing back audio

hello i am running cubase elements 8 and 7 on windows 10 with core i9-8 cores and 2080 rtx super. when i play back audio or try recording audio, randomly the sound will go away for a moment then return, it keeps doing this and i cant figure out how to resolve it. there is no error message either, it is not my audio interface, this problem is occuring somewhere in my DAW software. if anyone knows the resolve for this pretty please help.


Make sure, there is no plug-in in Trial/Demo mode, please.

Make sure, there is no Gate effect at any of your track (or Out).

Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.

I resolved THAT issue, however now when i play the audio the cursor jumps to the end of all of the track possible to record on and it only stops after it says vsti stopped because of too many errors. And also i have 64 bit cubase but when it freezes upon startup of loading a project or before that it says its loading 32 bit video engines and one other program when it should be 64 bit if anything.