Audio record from sound module

First time Cubase user, i used to use Sonar. That’s why i have some difficulties understanding

Manuel says arm the track, click on the monitor button. I search the forum “external” then go maybe 20 pages. Google finds this video, it is helpful actually, i setup external device thanks to that video.

If you type into Google “external midi device record into cubase”, that video will appear in the first row. And 97.000 times watched. The videos came from installation DVD’s also half explained. Basic audio record with microphone.

How do i record from my sound interface certain channel? We use to create audio Channel in Sonar and choose which in we want to Sonar to record. So if audio comes from 23th in, i just need chose that one.

Cubase audio channel in section says “stereo” only.

Roland XV-5050, Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 optical cable connection

You can go to the “VST Connections” window and define a BUS.
You can choose if you want that bus to be mono or stereo (or surround, etc.) and tell Cubase which input from your audio device that bus is connected to. Then, on your picture, where you have right-clicked, the bus you have created should show up as one of the choices to input to the track.

Thank you, that solved to problem

Actually i did those buses yesterday, but somehow they were gone.

You will have to set up the busses every time you start a blank project unless you create a template of your setup.