Audio Record from two keyboards

Hi There,

As you can tell, I am new to this - so bear with me on this silly question:

I have Cubase 6, a Windows PC and a Tyros 3. I can record Midi from the Tyros, but I would prefer to record from the Tyros audio output channels (left/right) to Cubase in audio (not midi). The thinking behind this is that the T3 already produces excellent wav/audio output - so I just want to record that to Cubase (two tracks - one left/one right so I can capture stereo). I have a second keyboard that I want to use to record additional audio tracks into Cubase - it too is a Yamaha keyboard and has a super sound engine/audio output - and I’d simply like to capture the stereo of that too. The alternative is that I get a multitrack recorder - but if I can use Cubase, I’d sure prefer that. If you could give me some advise on how to do this so I get really good .wav or similar output in the end, that would be great. One thought I had was using the Steinberg CI2+ - would that be the way to go? To connect the two keyboards to the CI2+ which then would transfer the audio (and not midi) signals to Cubase? Sorry for the stupid question, I’m from an old clan :slight_smile: Thanks much and cheers, Roland

The CI2+ is a fine interface, but it has only 2 inputs. That means you can record just 1 stereo signal at the time, then you have to plug in the other keyboard to record that. If you have a tiny mixer you can get rid of the replugging, or you have to choose an interface with 4+ inputs so you keep them connected all the time and you can record them simultaneously if you want to.

note that if you go for the mixer + 2 input audio interface, you can record both keyboards simultaneously as well, but the signals of the 2 keyboards will be ‘merged’ into a single stereo signal, so you can’t edit them separately after recording.

Ooops, I just noticed that I never said thank you for your reply :frowning: so many thanks with a big delay :slight_smile:. I have purchased the UR28M meanwhile to connect the two keyboards. The connections are there, but on inputs 3&4 I am having problems getting the same volume as on inputs 1&2. I have posted separately about this earlier today. But anyways - just wanted to say thanks and all the best, Roland