Audio Record Latency

Hi there
I’m experiencing a big latency on audio recording and it’s the first time… I don’t know what I’ve done because I didn’t have this issue before.
Can you please give me the parameters that can impact the audio recording latency ? I tried to switch off the Asio guard but no changes so I don’t know where it comes.
For information I’m on Windows 10 with a RME Babyface.
Thanks for your help.

Open up the Babyface Settings and lower the buffer.

If there’s still a lot of latency it is probably caused by plugins. Latency can be displayed in the mixer, take a look there. For recording there’s the “Constrain Delay Compensation” button to temporarily disable plugins that produce high latency.

Thanks marQs : the Constrain Delay Compensation was the solution :wink: