Audio record of synth apps

Dear all, i am Mekki from South of Germany and new at MySteinberg. I’m just thinking about to purchase this app. But there is somthing unclear.
I want to record the sound of a Sunrizer, Polisix or other synth app directly into a stereo track. As Middi hardware I will use the Yamaha iMX1 with a midi keyborad to play the sound live. Is that just possible? ( no midi data record)
Or is that the hype about the expecting Audiobus we have to wait for? :unamused:

Hi Mekki,

greetings to South Germany, my home land :slight_smile: I think what you want is indeed AudioBus. As already mentioned by Carlos ( AudioBus support is on its way into Cubasis and will be available in a free update soon.

Let us know if you have any further questions about Cubasis.

Kind regards,

Hi Frieder, thank you for your information, so I will wait with my purchase for the update. That function will be the most important one.