audio record ur-44 & cubase 7.5

Hi everyone!

What is the best way to record audio singing (using rode condenser), without any sound lick from the headphones - in order to hear well what I sing I need to put the gain input at about half (the condenser) while I want to hear the music on the background - is there anyway to record audio without any background noise (the music itself)?


This will generally depend on your headphones. You may want to try something like the Extreme Iso headphones from Direct Sound

At times I’ve also switched to using in-ear buds to cut down on the leakage. In truly desperate situations I’d say to throw in ear buds, and if they are leaking, throw over-ear headphones (not connected) on over them to try cut down on the leakage from the ear buds. I hope this is helpful and happy recording!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.