Audio recording aborted .Te disk is full

In Cubase 12 I get the message , when I want to mak a recording : “audio recording aborted .Te disk is full.”
It’s strange . I was working on a project in cubase 11 and the same project in cubase 12 and that works well. But a new project does not work.
I have 344 GB space free. Thast must be enough. Cubase 11 works well. I hope there is a soulution.

If you open the Pool in Cubase you can check the audio recording path. It is displayed at the very top center. Make sure it is set to the correct drive.

Are you working on a MAC?
There was a change in system settings that causes this problem.
I remember reading about it in the forum, but can’t remember the exact topic.

I work in Windows

Windows version?
Maybe C 12 needs additional rights?
Or what Johnny already suggested…

Windows 10

ooh , so simple.
Thank you . It works now.
I am happy